Welcome to my RPAS page. Yes, I did not call it a drone as that is not the technically correct term for it. We will get into that in a bit.

However, who am I, and why is this sites name kneedrag? I am a person who has been flying RC related aircraft for the last 10 years. I have scratch built and flown many different types of RC aircraft and aerial photography platforms. Why the name kneedrag? a long ago I used to race motorcycles and even back then I was strapping video cameras to them to share the experience with non-racing friends. As I have gotten older I still enjoy bikes however my interests have migrated to flying, sailing and a few other family orientated sports. However, the video camera has remained constant.

I have done this informally for friends and associations and clubs for a while and have often asked why not do this professionally? So this I have decided to start this as an experiment and see what the demand is for an experienced person who can fly around and take photos and video.

So for a limited time, I will be offering a limited amount free flights to people and allow them to give me some honest feedback to see if this is something that they would find useful. Should it prove to be then I will continue if not then well I just go back to doing if for my enjoyment.

So to reserve a slot please head over to the booking page, or of you want to find out more please don’t hesitate to have a look at what services I could offer you on the services page.

Also if you want to know more about RPAS/UAV’s “drones” etc or if you want to learn more please feel free to use the forums to ask these kinds of questions.

Keep an eye out for all the new video’s and photos I will hopefully be posting over the next few weeks so you can see what is available first hand.